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What is our story?

Chapter 1, Part 1.

Omotenashi is the Japanese spirit of hospitality that anticipates and fulfils people’s needs.

Omotenashi cannot be replaced by technology for the same reason that we are Human. Before you take your next flight, who has organised what you are doing? Was it AI, VR, Alexa, Cortona or your iPhone? I doubt it!

We all know that the Luxury Hospitality sector is serviced globally by dedicated professionals.

And that for the right price they will take care of every whim and desire a client wants.

I feel that not many magazines recognise that the leaders in the Luxury Hospitality sector are themselves HNW desirable consumers and in some cases UHNW individuals, Successful, Driven, Busy. Expect Zeitaku and given Omotenashi wherever they go as well.

To luxury brands when they are reaching out, are you B2B or B2C?

You are the Owner, President, Director, Chef, Buyer for Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Yachts, Private estates and Jets.

You own houses, luxury cars, wear quality clothes, dine in Michelin star restaurants and travel 1st class + take 4 or 5 luxury vacations and numerous short breaks per year.

You are unlikely to be influenced by an ad on the underground and very unlikely to read every bit of marketing paraphernalia that is sent to you.

I have your attention!

My 1st mobile phone was a Motorola Brick, and 5 years later I became fascinated by the Internet since 1st being introduced to it's possibilities back in 1995 almost 23 years ago when Mosaic was the browser and Netscape had just entered the market. Animated gifs were considered revolutionary and you could still fit an entire presentation onto a 1MB floppy disk.

Based in Thailand www.sino.net (Trade On-Line) developed One of the 1st travel and trade web sites in Asia. Visit the very 1st online tailor shop http://www.samsurinonline.com. No it did not look like that 23 years ago. Sams 1st ever web-site took painstaking hours of work developing the HTML code that would allow us to produce an on-line order form for a bespoke luxury suit. When you walk through the door of SAMS shop you are immediately invited to sit down and offered a cold drink. Today Even with all the developments in technology Sam still travels all over the world, takes the initial measurements and fits those suits.

Is that not Omotenashi that cannot be replaced by a computer?

So what am I saying exactly?

With new events and new sites popping up everywhere and everyone fighting for business can Zeitaku Omotenashi magazine survive?

The simple answer is yes!

You see in Japanese culture relationships are built on solid ground and last generations. In the same way we respect our clients, Every contributor to the magazine is considered family, Every advertiser needs a return on there investment. How many companies call you with empty promises?

When I walked into Sams shop all those years ago. He became more than a client, he became family. 

My company has to reach out at all times day and night, Sometimes when you are tired and everything is against you. That e-mail from a new subscriber suggesting a relevant feature or a call from a client asking if we will publish the press release for them is just one little bit more of Zeitaku Omotenashi that can lift you up, and remind you that what you do is worthwhile.

Companies such as Toyota Lexus truly understand about Omotenashi, Looking after Employees and customers equally. But when they advertise do the companies that have sold them the advertising space actually care about Toyota Lexus or the commission?

Suddenly in the last decade everyone is a social media expert. How did that come about? Ten years ago they did not actually know what a QR code is. Did they study a new degree in how to read google analytics? Are they geniuses in algorithm manipulation, Do they understand the real implications of cryptocurrencies? Chances are NO! being blunt. Companies are still employing them. Look at the CV's we receive everyday.

A lolly pop person has to physically stand in-front of moving vehicles and ask them to stop and pay attention. That person has your attention no matter who you are or how annoyed you are, However you relax seeing the children safely crossing the road. That few minutes your mind can think about something else.

So my point re Zeitaku Omotenashi magazine in a nutshell. It is for you! Some business, Some pleasure and a lot of Omotenashi. 

Zeitaku Omotenashi® Summer 2018 front cover.

Zeitaku Omotenashi® Summer 2018 front cover.

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