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Here are a few of other trade shows featuring Hospitality Technology this year.

Marriots Guest Room Lab

Teaming up with Samsung and Legrand, Marriott has unveiled a Guestroom LAB that embraces the Internet of Things to the fullest extent. As a guestroom with guest personalisation at its heart, some of its features include a digital photo frame that showcases the guest’s own pictures, as well as sophisticated voice control technology that allows the guest to alter lighting, arrange a wake-up call via a virtual assistant and even turn the shower on at the desired temperature.

Cont'd - Marriots Guest Room Lab

Additional Information

Rather than developing their own signature technology to carry the weight of many separate functions, Marriott has opted instead to showcase several different technologies, each with their own function, working in harmony with each other.

By choosing to divide the guestroom’s capabilities amongst a selection of robust technologies, Marriott has saved itself the hassle of developing an app or technology that diminishes a positive guest experience by buckling under the weight of its functions.


Marriott’s Guestroom Lab envisions a future that all tech-embracing hoteliers hope to be a part of. If the future of the hotel industry looks anything like this, then that future needs technologies that offer guests a seamless experience. Technologies like Wi-Q’s Mi-Room: The first fully scalable cloud-based ordering and payment solution.

With the addition of Mi-Room to Marriott’s Guestroom Lab, guests would have a means to access hotel services, such as room service and other amenities, from the comfort of their guestroom. Mi-Room operates through Wi-Fi, offering guests instant access without the need for a clunky, space-costly app.

Written by Mi Room