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VDroom builds and hosts your 360° visual website.


 VDroom builds and hosts your 360° visual website and implements it at your own home site 

This introduces an  incredibly entertaining and engaging new way for hotel owners to  increase their direct booking! As a property owner, you can now provide  your guests with special deals when they book directly.

After booking  directly at your homepage, your guests will be sent to your 360°  website where they can search and discover unique gifts and surprises  that they can only get at your hotel.

These surprises are dynamic and easy to update and customize to suit your guest's profile, both before and during their stay.
With  VDroom's 3D innovative digital marketing content management platform,  you now have the chance to interact with your client, improve user  engagement, build more trust and increase your revenues - While giving  your guests a uniquely interactive experience!".

New ambient Lighting for your Kitchen.


WOODEN-Germany GmbH produce wooden design lamps  and lighting elements in a manufactory in Bremen, Germany. 

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Holi-swAP is a fresh and innovative new idea that connects holidaymakers and hotels together.



Holi-swAP is a fresh and innovative new idea that connects holidaymakers and hotels together. 

The simple to use app will provide choice to the consumer and bring potential new business to the hotel.

 This will be a low cost high return concept that will revolutionise the holiday market. 

The  idea of Holiday-swAP gives the user the opportunity to discover a new  experience during their vacation at no further expense. 

The hotel gains a new contact and has the opportunity to upsell itself to potential future customers. 

It  will also allow the user to give honest feedback directly back to the  hotel which can be used to enhance the hotels look and feel to entice  future clients. 
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'A complete voucher solution for luxury hotels worldwide'


SK  Chase pioneered digital gift voucher technology over 14 years ago and  remain the market leaders in the UK luxury hospitality sector, with  International reach.
They successfully work with over 320 luxury  hotels, making it easy for venue’s to sell & manage their gift  experiences and voucher offers. From shop and buy, to deliver and  redemption, they take care of every aspect of the voucher process,  whilst giving the opportunity to generate additional revenue, reduce  costs and raise brand awareness
The world of technology advances at  an exciting pace and SK Chase is in the process of ground breaking  transformation – to realise its own and its clients’ potential.

What’s an experience worth to you and your customers?


360 Virtual reality .

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Botsmith; the dawn of conversational commerce

Botsmith Logo

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