"Zeitaku Omotenashi" Media Partners to HITEC DUBAI 2018

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HITEC Dubai 2018


Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®) is the world's largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand. HITEC Dubai 2018, co-produced by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) and Naseba, will feature 30+ speakers, 500+ hospitality stakeholders and 50+ solution and service providers. 

The show will give Middle East buyers currently worth over USD 75 billion, access to global top solution providers in hospitality market, through a top-notch education program planned by the expert HITEC Dubai Advisory Council, as well as an exhibition debuting the latest in hospitality technology, and a summit with one-to-one business meetings.


"Zeitaku Omotenashi" Magazine and omotenashionline.com is fast becoming The GO to that covers content, relevant to the modern Luxury Hospitality professional and businesses. With content provided by key stakeholders as businesses and consumers we offer a laser targeted luxury B2B and B2C platform.

As a Media partner to HITEC Dubai 2019 we would like to offer every exhibitor the opportunity to share there press releases through our website https://omotenashionline.com us as well.

CEO of Mine Media, Justin Ferber says: "Aligning “Zeitaku Omotenashi” Magazine and omotenashionline.com with partners like HITEC DUBAI, helps us deliver a refreshing global luxury media brand that covers Technology relevant to Hotels, Restaurant, Bars, Clubs, Destinations, Airlines and Cruise liners who make up our key readership segment".

Further, through these Strategic partnerships and distribution of our media assets / titles, we bring our content direct to the homes, offices, in-boxes and mobile devices of sophisticated decision makers across the World at a time when they are ready and willing to make buying decisions, At exhibitions in the office or on a more personal level when hopefully they are more relaxed, and more susceptible. 

We are delighted to become a Media Partner of Naseba and HITEC Dubai 2018 and look forward to providing a valuable media resource available to exhibitors and visitors alike..

For more information please visit us at omotenashionline.com Twitter: @luxomotenashi hitec hospitality dubai technology